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Additional Services

Sump Pump Repair

We're the Minneapolis experts when it comes to getting your sump pump to work.

Keep your household dry and flood-free with our sump pump repairs and sump pump installation. Sump pumps are used to move the used water in your home back outside after heavy rains and storms. This allows your home to remain dry. However, if you suspect that your sump pump in Golden Valley, MN needs repair or a complete replacement, we can help.

Sump Pump Installation

Ready for a new sump pump? We offer the best sump pump installation and replacements in Minneapolis. From portable sump pumps to the basement and outdoor sump pumps. Consult the experts first so we can help you get started on your sump pump installation project.

If you aren't absolutely sure you need a new sump pump, have Clog B Gone diagnose the drainage to ensure your gutters aren't clogged. If water is still entering your basement, a sump pump installation would be the best route. Read below on more information whether or not your sump pump needs repair or sump pump cleaning.

Does your Sump Pump Need Repair or Cleaning?

Standing water is in your basement

Standing water in your basement is an obvious and tragic sign your sump pump needs repair or cleaning.

Your basement smells like mildew or mold

If your basement smells a bit off like mildew or mold, it is most likely caused by water damage. Mold can release toxins into the environment which can harm you and your family.

Your sump pump makes strange noises

If your sump pump is making unusual noises or sounds, this is an indication that your sump pump is failing to operate and will most likely need repairing.

Your sump pump switch sticks or won't move at all

This is also yet another obvious sign that your sump pump needs replacing or repair. We can handle any sump pump related repairs and cleaning at Clog B Gone.

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