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What Isn't Safe to Go Down the Drain

Are you prone to getting clogged drains in your household? There may be multiple reasons as to why you are facing clogs on a daily or weekly basis. Clog B Gone can help you identify probable causes of a drain clog. Let's start off and discuss some basic do's and don't when it comes to items that you may want to put down the drain. This applies to your toilet, household sinks such as the kitchen and bathroom sink, and the laundry room.

Paper Towels, Cotton Balls, Feminine Hygiene Products, Wipes

You may be tempted to dump items that resemble and work very similar to toilet paper. However, items such as paper towels, cotton balls, feminine hygiene products, and wipes do not work the same way as toilet paper and do not disintegrate. Feminine hygiene products do not dissolve. Additionally, paper towels are much thicker than toilet paper which means it is more likely to remain in your pipes. Lastly, cotton balls and wipes and even dental floss can cause toilet and sink clogs. These items simply do not dissolve.

Food related items

Although it may be tempting to dump certain food particles down your sink, there are certain items you will want to throw out into the garbage instead such as grease or oil. As you may know, when hot oil or grease cools off it becomes a solid. This can become extremely problematic to your kitchen sink. Simply dispose the oil or grease by putting it into a bottle or jar, letting it cool, and throwing it away in the garbage. Other food particles include stickers on your produce items, eggshells, and coffee grounds. These are all common solid items that need to be disposed of instead.

Do the right thing and hire Clog B Gone to take care of your clogged drains today. Give them a call at (612) 616-2473.

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