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Top 3 Reasons You Need to Clean Your House Drains

When’s the last time you cleaned the drains in your home? Did you have a drain expert come into your home or did you clean the drain yourself with a cleaner or snake? If you, like most people, despise cleaning the drains in your home and would like to prevent clogged drains altogether you’ll need to read this article.

Clogged drains or potentially clogged drains can come from a number of locations and sources. Examples of this can be large items of food, grease, or plastic stuck in the kitchen sink, small children dumping items in the toilet without you knowing, and of course hair or soap scum that can build up overtime in your tub or sink. It is important to keep awareness on the overall functionality when it comes to your sinks, tubs, toilet, washer, dishwasher, and other appliances/functions that carry water through a pipe. Featured on House Tipster, expert Benjamin Jacques concludes that your drains need to be cleaned on a yearly basis in terms of frequency.

The number one reason Jacques provides when it comes to house drains is prevention. If you want fewer blockages in the future, you will have to ensure that small and large clogs are taken care of, typically by an expert declogger such as Clog B Gone. If you have quite a bit of buildup in your drain system, it can cause “your toilet to overflow, or even worse, cause your sewer lines to leak or burst”, Jacques reports. Additionally, the second reason why it’s so important to clean your house drains at least annually is to reduce odors. If you have a clogged drain, this prevents the flow of water causing the gunk to remain trapped and accruing more gunk. This buildup causes bad smells which can be hard to clear up on your own. Hiring a professional such as Clog B Gone can ensure that your sewer system, drains, and clogs are cleared and taken care of.

Lastly, when you have a clogged drain or think your drain may be at risk for clogs, you’ll want to ensure your drain is clean for simply sanitary reasons. We all know that sewer lines can contain tons of bacteria, bugs, gunk, bad odors, and more! When you have a drain that is clogged, the gunk and dirt sits around in the water that comes out. Prevent dirty water from entering your home when you have your drains cleaned regularly. In conclusion, no one likes a clogged drain. By cleaning your clogged drains at least once a year, you can save money before deeper problems arise and keep a safe, clean environment inside and out!

If you are unsure on how to get your drains cleaned, you may want to consult the experts at Clog B Gone to discuss what your current clog situation looks like. Clog B Gone can help with any type of clog cleaning service including overflowing toilets, clogged bathroom sinks, tubs, kitchen sinks, and more! Trust Clog B Gone to unclog your drain today in Golden Valley, MN.

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