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Avoid the Ankle Deep, Soapy Feet!

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There is nothing quite like a relaxing shower to unwind at the end of a long day. Staying on top of a clogged bathtub drain helps you not have to put up with ankle-deep, soapy feet. Have you noticed your tub draining slowly? Here are a few ways to not find yourself standing in a tub of frothy water.

As hair is the worst enemy of a drain, try using a drain cover to help catch those pesky loose hairs before they find their way down the drain. Avoid dumping oil or grease down and prevent the inevitable build-up that blocks your pipes. Just like it takes time for your water heater to kick in by letting your faucet run a minute before you get the temperature you like, let the hot water run an extra minute after a shower to give your drain a good flush and help any build-up from forming.

There are additional steps you can take as well if you have long hair. As you may know, long hair can easily get caught in the drain and can be the cause of your clogs. To prevent your hair from clogging the drain, it is recommended that you brush or comb your hair before entering the shower. This prevents loose strands from clogging your drain and only takes a few seconds to do! Additionally, as mentioned, installing a hair catcher is great. As soon as you notice a drain clog in your tub, do not let the problem build up overtime. There are easy solutions you can try before contacting a professional de-clogger such as ClogBGone such as using bleach and warm water down the drain for a couple of minutes. Furthermore, you can also pour baking soda and vinegar as well to break the blockage up.

As your #1 drain de-clogger experts in the metro Minneapolis area, let the professional drain cleaner do the dirty work of snaking a drain and call ClogBGone to get your free estimate! Our services include drain cleaning, sewer drain cleaning, clogged bathroom sinks, sink drain cleaning, clogged sink drain, unclog bathtubs, clogged basement drain, and more.


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